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Trading Terminal
BMA Trade Terminal Ver.1.0.88Download71MB
BMA Trade Terminal High Resolution 1.0.88 Download278MB
Link of New Mobile App (only for iPhone)Download9.66MB
BMA Trade Terminal for MAC   (Please unzip only with iZip) Download50MB
Account Opening Form
BMA Account Opening Form-Individual Download 5.16MB
CDC Sub-Account Opening Form Download152KB
BMA Account Opening Form-Corporate Download 520KB
KYC Form Download 1.11MB
Users Guide Lines
Market Cover Manual Download2.64MB
Users Guide Lines (English Version) Download218KB
Users Guide Lines (Urdu Version) Download1.85MB
Order Execution Download170KB
BMA Analytics Urdu Manual Download2.97MB
BMA Analytics English Manual Download2.39MB
BMA Eclipse User Manual Download9.75MB
Necessary Transfer Applications/Letters
Account Updation Form Download128KB
Bank Transfer Facility Download187KB
Transfer of Shares Download85.00KB
Re-generation Of Password Download206KB
CDC Physical Shares Download11.00KB
Internal Transfer of shares Download9.00KB
Acceptance of Shares Download8.00KB
Closure of Account Download100KB
Power of Attorney Download19.00KB
Application Vendor Agreement Download7.62MB
E-Dividend Mandate Form Download225KB

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Disclaimer: Investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of the account opening form, in particular the risk factors mentioned in Para 3(ii), 3(ii) and 6 and Warnings in Para 24 (iv) before making any investment decision.