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BMA | About us
BMA Trade caters to BMA’s rapidly expanding retail clientele, facilitating investments in Rupee-denominated instruments. BMA Trade has a national network of retail outlets in convenient locations where investors can trade in a menu of financial products. This is complemented by an online trading portal. Retail clients are able to invest into fixed income or equity instruments, for regular income streams or for capital appreciation.

Clients can access BMA’s trading portal online, where they can trade listed securities traded on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Through our physical retail outlets, clients can walk in, open their accounts and start to trade in various financial instruments including financial derivatives. Retail clients can order from a menu of financial products to suit their lifestyles and economic profiles.

Our objective is to provide efficient service & develop products to match our clients' savings, investment, and growth of capital requirements. We have expanded by opening local retail centers throughout Pakistan, and are working with channel partners on a regional & local basis to serve our customers. BMA Trade currently has 8 branches in operation across Pakistan.

Disclaimer: Investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of the account opening form, in particular the risk factors mentioned in Para 3(ii), 3(ii) and 6 and Warnings in Para 24 (iv) before making any investment decision.