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 Margin Deposits
The Account Holder(s) is/are required to deposit and maintain a minimum 30% margin against his/her/their outstanding trades/exposures for the purpose of trading in his/her/their account. The Account Holder(s) shall be responsible to ensure that the margin shall be either in cash or in Securities approved by the Broker (BMA Capital Management Limited) or a combination of both for the purpose of margin deposit, which are in a state and form whereby they can be marketed, delivered and transfered. The account Holder(s) undertake(s) to comply with the directions of the Broker for regularization of the revised margin requirements. This is without prejudice to the Brokerís right to call additional amount or Securities as margin within 1 (one) business day and to liquidate the Account Holder(s) outstanding positions as mentioned in Clause 6 and 8 of the Special terms and Conditions appended in the Account Opening Form. The Account Holder(s) acknowledges and understands that his/her/their losses may be more than the actual account size and he/she/they is/are willing to accept such degree of risk.
100% margin is required for delivery based orders in IBTS
33% margin is required for futures orders in IBTS
Cash Margin as per regulation of MTS and MF is required for order placements in IBTS.

Disclaimer: Investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of the account opening form, in particular the risk factors mentioned in Para 3(ii), 3(ii) and 6 and Warnings in Para 24 (iv) before making any investment decision.