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 Arbitration Procedure
In case any dispute in connection with the trade or transaction between the Broker and the Account Holder is not settled amicably, either party may refer the same to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of PSX Regulations, which shall be binding on both the parties. The Account Holder hereby agrees that he would have no objection if his name and other relevant particulars are placed on Exchange’s database accessible by Brokers of the Exchange if he fails or refuses to abide by or carryout any arbitration award passed against him in his dispute with the Broker.
Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
BMA Capital Management Limited 10/5/2016 Entity A- A-2 Stable Initial

Disclaimer: Investors are advised in their own interest to carefully read the contents of the account opening form, in particular the risk factors mentioned in Para 3(ii), 3(ii) and 6 and Warnings in Para 24 (iv) before making any investment decision.